Suitcase Side Table

Suitcase Side Table

This do-it-yourself project transforms an old suitcase into a repurposed side table.

5 col


Antique suitcase
Pre-cut 3/4” piece of plywood (12” x 19 1/2”)
(4) Brackets for the table legs
Tape measure
Spring loaded nail set
(16) Self-tapping gallivanted flathead #2 Phillips screws
(4) Legs with screws intact already


1. Measure the interior of the suitcase (12” x 19 1/2”) and have your hardware store cut a piece of plywood to match that measurement. This will go on the inside of the suitcase

2. Place the brackets for the table legs on all four corners of the suitcase, approximately an inch and a half from each corner edge


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3. Mark each hole in the bracket with a pencil and use the spring loaded nail set to prep the holes for drilling

4. Put the cut plywood inside the suitcase and hold it in place tying the pre-existing ribbons inside of the suitcase. The plywood provides stability and weight

5. Close the suitcase and flip over. Align the drill with the holes in each bracket and drill four screws in each bracket and through the plywood. Repeat for the other 3 brackets

6. Install the legs by screwing them into the plates until tight. Repeat until all four legs are screwed into the plates

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