Sunburst Plastic Spoon Mirror

Sunburst Plastic Spoon Mirror

Use painted plastic spoons to make a unique, upcycled sunburst mirror.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

26” x 26” Cardboard
(280) Plastic spoons
6” Round acrylic mirror – light weight
Spray paint - paint and primer in one – color of your choice
(4) ½” Metal washers
5/8” x 2” x 2” scrap plywood
Glue gun with glue sticks
Metal snips
Tape measure
3’ Jewelry wire
Large drop cloth
Safety glasses



1. Spread out a large drop cloth in a well ventilated area and line up the plastic spoons face up on top. Spray paint the spoon heads the color of your choice. The handles will be removed in later steps so you do not need to spray them. Allow the spray paint to dry for about 1 hour

2. Turn each spoon over and spray paint the under side of each spoon head. Allow the paint to dry for about an hour before moving onto the next step

3. Put on safety glasses. Using metal snips, cut the heads off of the spoons leaving about ¼” of the handle remaining. Discard the handles and collect the spoon heads in a bucket


4. Tie a piece of string around the lower part of a pencil. Measure 12” of string from the pencil and tie a thumbtack to the opposite end. Eyeball the center of the cardboard and press the thumbtack into the center. Holding the string taut, draw a circle onto the cardboard with the tethered pencil. Cut out the circle with scissors (See images below)

5. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint one side of the cardboard the same color as the spoons and allow to dry for about 1 to 2 hours

6. Two holes need to be made in the cardboard to attach the hanging wire. Measure 2” in from the edge of the circle and mark with a pencil. Measure 8” across from the first pencil mark and 2” in from the edge and make a second pencil mark. Carefully use the sharp point of a pair of scissors to make small holes through each pencil mark. Hot glue metal washers over each hole on the front and over each hole on the back of the cardboard (See image below)


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7. Loop one end of the 3’ jewelry wire through a hole and over the top of the board twice for extra strength, leaving about 12” excess hanging in the back. Pass the other end of the wire through the second hole. Also loop it twice over the top of the board for extra strength, leaving any excess in the back. Twist the two loose ends together in a rope like fashion between the two holes to strength the cross wire for hanging (See image below)


8. The spoons will be attached to the cardboard starting around the outer edge and working towards the center. Apply a line of hot glue across the back of a spoon head and a dab on the handle nub. Press it onto the edge of the cardboard so the top of the spoon is hanging over the edge by about 1”. Continue adding spoon heads around the perimeter of the cardboard making sure adjacent spoons are touching each other (See images below)

9. Once the outer edge is covered with spoons, start adding a second ring of spoons. Place this second layer in between the spaces of the first ring of spoons similar to how bricks are laid at an offset. Continue adding rings of spoons until you have about 7” diameter of open space left in the center of the cardboard (See images below)


10. Apply a line of hot glue around the large, flat edge of the 5/8” x 2” x 2” scrap plywood and press it into the center of the cardboard. The mirror will be glued to the plywood in later steps

11. Lay the mirror over the plywood in the center of the cardboard. Check to see if there are any gaps between the inner most ring of spoons and the mirror. If there are, add some more spoons to fill in the gaps

12. Apply a line of hot glue around the back edge of the mirror and over the top of the scrap plywood. Press the mirror onto the plywood in the center of the spoons. Allow the hot glue to dry for about 20 minutes before hanging the spoon sunburst mirror on the wall

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