Surfboard Bookshelf

Surfboard Bookshelf

Use Amy Devers instructions to repurpose a surfboard into a fun new shelf.

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Here’s a fun project that will make waves! Transform an old surfboard into a totally awesome wall shelf.

Old surfboard (found at a second-hand surf shop or online classifieds)
(2) Shelf brackets with screws
(2) Self-adhesive
Velcro strips
Stud Finder
(2) Saw horses
Polyurethane sealant
Impact driver drill
Safety glasses
Ventilation mask



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  1. To create the surfboard shelf: Prepare to cut the surfboard in half by placing two saw horses side-by-side, and resting the surfboard lengthwise directly on top of the two sawhorses
  2. Using the jigsaw, cut the surfboard in half, lengthwise. If you would like the front of the board to point to the right, cut on the left side of the spine, which you will see running directly in the middle of the board. If you’d like the front of the board to point to the left, cut on the right side of the spine

Tip: Be sure to cut along the spine of the board, but set your blade about 2 inches to the side of the spine. This will ensure that you maintain two of the three fins once cut. Also, be sure to wear safety glasses and a ventilation mask to protect against the fiberglass sawdust that will be created.

  1. Once the surfboard has been cut, seal it by applying the polyurethane sealant to the cut edges using the paintbrush. This will seal the Styrofoam inside of the board and protect it from potentially breaking apart. Allow the sealant ample time to dry before proceeding
  2. To mount the surfboard shelf: Find a place on the wall where you’d like to place the surfboard. Locate the studs in the wall using the stud finder and install the shelf brackets to the wall using the screws and impact driver
  3. Peel back the front and backside of the self-adhesive Velcro strips, exposing the adhesive on both sides. Stick one onto the top of each shelf bracket. Place the surfboard directly onto the Velcro fitted brackets and push it snug against the wall and onto the exposed sticky backing of the strips

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