Tabletop Fire Bowl

Tabletop Fire Bowl

This project creates a table centerpiece with real flare!

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

Rubber gloves
Safety mask
Concrete mix 

Mixing paddle 

5-gallon bucket
Large sheet of plastic

1 large bowl
1 medium bowl 

Cooking spray
Plastic cups

Painter’s tape
Cans of gel fuel
Decorative rocks



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1. Put on rubber gloves and a safety mask before mixing cement
2. Add water to cement mix in a bucket, and mix with a mixing paddle. Cover the bucket with a plastic sheet while mixing to prevent the concrete from splattering. Continue to add water to the cement while mixing until it is a slushy consistency

3. Spray cooking spray on the inside of the large bowl and the outside of the medium bowl 

4. Scoop concrete mix into the large bowl using plastic cups. Do not fill the large bowl to the top with concrete – leave a 1" to 1½" space at the top of the bowl

5. Push the medium bowl into the cement until the mix reaches the edges of the larger bowl

6. Secure the bowls with tape and let the cement cure overnight. This will create the shape of the cement bowl

7. Once the concrete bowl is cured, remove it from the large bowl
8. Place one can of gel fuel in the center of the cement bowl and add decorative rocks on top

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