Tabletop TV Caddy

Tabletop TV Caddy

Keep track of your TV remote and electronic accessories with this handy storage project.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

(2) ¾" × 4¾" × 16" plywood (for sides)
¾" × 14" × 16" plywood (for base)
(4) ½" × 16" dowels
Pneumatic nail gun
16-gauge finishing nails
15¼" × 20" leather sheet
Pin nail gun
23-gauge finishing nails for pin nail gun
Wood glue


1. Lay the ¾" × 14" × 16" plywood base on a flat surface, and place the leather sheet on top. Notice that the leather sheet is longer than the plywood

2. Make sure one side of the leather sheet is lined up with the edge of the plywood base

3. Place the first ½" × 16" dowel on this edge

4. Use the pin nail gun and the 23-gauge finishing nails to secure the first dowel to the leather and the plywood base. Space the nails every 1"

5. Once the first dowel is secure, scoot the leather sheet over to create a couple of inches of slack before applying the second dowel. You can eyeball this depending on the size of your TV remotes and accessories

6. Place the second dowel 4" away from the first, as shown

7. Secure the second dowel with the pin nail gun. Make sure to maintain the slack in the leather in between so there’s room to insert items

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the remaining two dowels. Make sure the last dowel is lined up with the opposite edge of the plywood base

9. Apply a strip of wood glue to one side of the plywood base

10. Attach a ¾" × 4¾" × 16" plywood side to the glued section

11. Using the pneumatic nail gun and 16-gauge finishing nails, secure the side to the plywood base. Space the nails every 1"

12. Repeat steps 9 through 11 on the other side of the plywood base. Flip the caddy so the leather hangs down, as shown

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