throw pillow with tassels

Tasseled Throw Pillows

Add a colorful personal touch to an everyday throw pillow.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Yarn (multiple colors)
Thread in matching colors
Throw pillow


1. Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard until you have created a thick fabric about 2" wide. The size of the cardboard you use will depend on the size of the tassel you want to create. In our case, the piece of cardboard is about 3½" wide

DESIGNER TIP: Be sure to leave excess yarn at both ends. This will help prevent the end from slipping through once the tassels are made.

2. Using a separate piece of the same color of yarn, tie a knot around the gathered yarn to hold it together. Excess yarn will be trimmed in the next step

3. Once the knot is tied, slide the yarn off the cardboard, and make a clean cut opposite the knot from step 2

4. Tie an additional knot roughly 1" down from the initial knot to create a tassel

5. Trim the excess yarn from the edge of the tassel. Repeat steps 1 through 5 with different colors of yarn to create three more tassels

6. Sew the tassels to the corners of a throw pillow with thread in a matching color


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