Tattooed Fireplace Tiles

Tattooed Fireplace Tiles

Tiles on a fireplace get an instant makeover with contact paper.

5 col

A dark titled fireplace will become the focal point of the room with stick-on “tattoos” simply created from contact paper.

Cleaning solution
1 roll of white “peel and stick” contact paper
Cutting mat
Utility knife


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  1. Clean the tile surface of the fireplace using a cleaning solution and rag. This will ensure that the contact paper sticks properly.
  2. Unroll the contact paper so that the backside with the grid lines is facing up. Place a ruler along the 1-inch line for a straight edge, and carefully cut off a 2” strip of the contact paper with a utility knife.
  3. Repeat this step until you have plenty of 2” strips. The number of strips will vary depending on the size of your fireplace.
  4. Once you have several strips, stack four up and cut them into 2-inch rectangles (1” wide by 2” long).
  5. Use your ruler and stack four 1” x 2” rectangles up at a time. Cut the rectangles on the diagonal with a utility knife to create triangles. Cutting four sheets at once gives you eight triangles with just one cut.
  6. Peel the backing off each triangle shape and stick it to the tile. Depending on your pre-determined design, make sure the arrangement of your contact sheets is consistent and uniform.
  7. Press your hand over the triangles to work out any air bubbles. If a triangle wrinkles or bubbles just peal the contact paper back and reapply.
  8. Continue cutting strips and triangles until your fireplace design is complete.

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