Tea and Coffee Dyed Drapes

Your favorite hot beverages can double as dyes for beautiful sheer curtains.

5 col

(2) Large cooking pots
(40) Black tea bags
Large tongs
(5) 100 percent cotton drapes
(2) Jars of instant coffee
(4) Clothes pins


1. Boil water in a pot large enough to hold drapes. Put 40 tea bags in the boiling water. Let the tea bags steep until water is very dark brown, using the tongs to stir

2. Put four drapes in the pot. Immerse and stir with the tongs. Let sit for 40 minutes

3. Boil water in a second pot large enough to hold drapes. Put about half a jar of instant coffee in the boiling water and stir


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4. Lay a tarp on the ground. Put on gloves, and use tongs to pull the drapes from the pot. Hang them from a clothesline using clothes pins. Let drapes dry for one to two hours outside over the tarp

5. Once dry, put the drapes in the large pot of hot boiled coffee. Fold in thirds, and use the clothes pins to mark off how much of the fabric you want to put in the hot coffee. Immerse, and use the tongs to steep and stir. Let sit for 15-20 minutes

6. Use the tongs and gloves to remove the coffee-stained drapes. Hang drapes over the tarp for one to two hours or until dry

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