Teardrop Poufs

Teardrop Poufs

Kenneth Wingard shows you how to make custom teardrop poufs to sit back and relax on.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

6’ of fabric in the color and pattern of your choice
Large bag of foam beanbag filling
Extra strong upholstery threadMarker pen
Garage sale sign or wide funnel


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Follow the diagrams below as reference for the following steps:

Cutting the Fabric for the Small Pouf:

  1. Spread out your fabric face down on a flat surface and measure an 18” x 18” square with a yardstick. Mark the square with a pen. Cut out the square and set to one side
  2. On another section of fabric, you will mark out a triangle. Draw an 18-inch line and mark the center with a pen at the 9-inch point. From the 9-inch mark, measure straight up 24 inches. This will be the top of the triangle. Use a yardstick and pen to connect the points. Cut out the triangle. Repeat this step to make three additional triangles for a total of four (See image below)

    Tip: Once you have the first triangle marked out, you can add three extra layers of fabric under it. When you cut out the triangle, you will cut all four triangles at the same time.
    Sewing the Fabric Triangles into a 4-sided Pyramid:
  3. Place two triangles together with the fabric face-to-face. Use a sewing machine to add a 1/4-inch hem along one long side of the triangle, not the 18-inch side (see image below)

    Tip:At the start and end of each hem, run the sewing machine forward, then in reverse for 1 inch, and forward again. This will lock the thread and prevent unraveling
  4. Take the next triangle and line up one long side with one long side of the first two triangles. Sew a 1/4-inch hem to join the triangles together. (See image below)
  5. Repeat Step 4 with the last triangle. Sew all four sides so the triangles make a four-sided pyramid (See image below)

    Sewing the Base onto the 4-sided Pyramid:
  6. Line up one edge of the 18” x 18” square base, face-side-in, with the 18” edge of a triangle. Sew the two edges together with a 1/4-inch hem. Repeat on two other sides of the base so three sides are attached to the pyramid
  7. Hem the fourth side of the pyramid, but leave a 3-to-4-inch gap in the middle so the pyramid can be turned right-side out
  8. Turn the pyramid right-side out through the gap from Step 7 so the good fabric side is facing outward (See image below)

    Filling the Pouf with Foam Filling:
  9. Curl the garage sale sign into a wide funnel and secure with tape
  10. Place the narrow end of the funnel into the gap from Step 6. Pour foam filling through the funnel into the pouf. Fill it about half way for a squishy pouf or about 3/4-full for a firmer pouf (See image below)
  11. Once the pouf is filled, remove the funnel from the gap and set to one side
  12. Tuck the edge of the gap in and press the two sides together to make a flat edge. Sew the gap closed with a 1/4-inch hem. This can be done with the sewing machine or by hand
  13. Repeat all steps to make a second pouf using the large pouf measurements in the diagram at the top of the project

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