Terrarium Table

Terrarium Table

Repurpose a second-hand side table to create a one-of-a-kind habitat for pet turtles.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Second-hand side table with glass top
(4) Pre-cut wood panels measured to the length and width of side table
Wood glue
Brad nailer
(2) Paintbrushes
(2) Paint rollers
Paint tray
White paint (soluble)
Turtle habitat
Décor for turtle


1. Remove glass top and set aside

2. Put on safety goggles. Apply wood glue to all four side edges of the wood panel. Place on respective openings on lower part of the used side table. This will create a wall so the turtle does not climb out


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3. Secure each wood panel in place with brad nails in all four corners and the lower center of each panel

4. Paint the outside and inside of the table. Allow to dry completely for 30 minutes before placing the turtle décor inside

5. Once the paint has dried, arrange the pet décor inside the table. Place the turtles inside and put the glass top back on the table

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