Tie Rack

Tie Rack

Create a tie rack your guy is sure to love using carpenter Amy Devers’ easy directions.

5 col

1”x2”x14” lumber
Scrap wood
Drill with 1/8-inch drill bit and 3/8-inch drill bit
Wood glue
(5) Wooden dowel pegs ­— 3/8-inch diameter cut to 3 inches
Wood stain
Dry rag
(5) Decorative metal tacks
Rubber mallet
(2) 1 1/4-inch wood screws
Small decorator paintbrush
Phillips head drill bit or screwdriver
Small level


Making the Tie Rack:

  1. With a ruler and a pencil, mark 1 inch up each short side of the lumber and connect the marks, making a line along the center


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  1. Mark an X along the pencil line 1 inch in from each edge. These X’s will be the mounting holes
  2. Starting from left to right along the line, mark 2 inches, 4 1/2 inches, 7 inches, 9 1/2 inches and 12 inches. These marks will be where the pegs are fitted
  3. Place a piece of scrap wood under the lumber and drill 3/8-inch holes through your five peg marks. Place a dot of wood glue inside of each hole, and then tap the wood doweling pegs into the holes with a rubber mallet. Be careful not to tap the peg past the back of the wood
  4. Drill 1/8-inch pilot holes through your mounting hole marks (the X’s)
  5. Apply wood stain to the tie rack and dowels using a small decorator brush, and then wipe off any excess with a dry rag. Allow stain to dry before moving on to the next step
  6. Push decorative metal tacks into the tip of each peg. Use a rubber mallet if necessary

Mounting the Tie Rack:

  1. With a ruler, measure 5 inches down from the inside of the armoire door and mark with a pencil
  2. Center the tie rack on the 5-inch mark, eyeballing to make sure it’s evenly spaced on each side. Use a level to straighten it
  3. Drill two 1/8-inch pilot holes through the mounting holes in the tie rack and into the armoire. Be careful not to drill through to the front of the door
  4. Screw 1 1/4-inch wood screws into the mounting holes to secure the tie rack in place to the door

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