Tiered Organizing Tray

Tiered Organizing Tray

This project transforms inexpensive materials into an expensive-looking kitchen accessory.

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Difficulty: Easy

(3) wood trays (large, medium and small)
17 /64" drill bit
19 /64" drill bit
Industrial strength adhesive (dries in 24 hours)
(18) craft spools
19¾" threaded rod with brass nut
Lazy Susan (size to fit under the large tray)
Hex nut
Cabinet knob (spray-painted gold)
Pen or pencil
Gold spray paint


1. Find the center points for all three wooden trays and mark with a pencil

2. Use the 19/64" drill bit and drill to make a hole at the center points in all three trays

3. Slide the craft spools onto the 19¾" threaded rod and paint the spools with the gold spray paint. It's easier to paint them when they are on the rod

4. Let dry for 20 minutes

5. Once the spools are dry, remove them from the threaded rod


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6. Notice that the end of the threaded rod has a brass nut with teeth. The teeth will be used to latch onto the bottom of the largest wood tray

7. Slide the largest wooden tray onto the threaded rod, and hammer in the teeth to insert them into the wood. It’s easier to do this if you hold the tray upside down

8. Once the rod’s teeth are fastened into the wood tray, apply the construction adhesive onto the Lazy Susan and attach it the bottom of the large wooden tray

9. Now, flip the tray and rod right side up

10. Thread six gold craft spools onto the rod, and then add the medium wood tray

11. Add six more gold spools to the rod, and then add the small wood tray

12. Add the last three gold spools to the rod, and then add the gold hex nut

13. Finally, screw on the gold cabinet knob to top it all off!

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