Tiered Spice Rack

Tiered Spice Rack

Create an easy way to store and access spices in your kitchen cabinet.

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: Easy

(6) 2" × 4" plywood (or precut to the size of cabinets)
Chalkboard stickers
Uniform empty spice containers


1. Measure the kitchen cabinet where the spices will be placed, and purchase precut plywood according to the size. (In this case, the wood pieces are 2" × 4")

2. Place the wood in the cabinet, tiered. To tier your rack, place three in the back, two stacked in front of these, and then one in the very front. This will create the stacked shelving

3. Pour spices in uniformed jars to achieve a clean, organized look

4. Use chalk to write the spice names on chalkboard stickers and apply evenly to the corresponding spice jar



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