Tiled Penny Lamp

Tiled Penny Lamp

Pennies make great cents for tiling a salvaged lamp.

5 col

Put that extra change to good use by using them to embellish an old lamp.

Gold spray paint
Black spray paint
Craft glue


  1. Remove the existing lampshade from the lamp
  2. Place the newspaper down on your workspace in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Spray paint the pennies with the gold spray paint and allow time for them to dry completely
  4. With the gold paint dried, very lightly spray paint the pennies with the black spray paint to give the pennies an aged brass look. Allow the black paint ample time to dry

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Tip: To achieve the right application of the black spray paint, you should avoid directly spraying the pennies with the paint. Instead, lightly spray the air right above the pennies and let the mist fall onto the pennies, giving them a very light coating.

  1. Once the paint has fully dried, apply the craft glue to the unpainted side of the pennies and adhere them to the lamp, one-by-one. It’s best to start at the base of the lamp, working your way up towards the top

Tip: Hold each penny into place for a few seconds after you’ve adhered it to the lamp. This will guarantee that the pennies stay in place until the glue has had time to begin to dry.

  1. Put the original lampshade back on or purchase a new one to update the entire look of the lamp

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