Tiled Wallpaper and Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Tiled Wallpaper and Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Transform bookshelves to look like aged Moroccan tiles with the magic of wallpaper.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Measuring tape
Drill with ¼" drill bit
Wallpaper adhesive
Decorative doorknobs (optional)
Utility blade or scissors
Wallpaper spreader
Mini paint roller
Paint tray
Ruler or straight edge

For wood trim (optional):

18-gauge finishing nails
Pneumatic nail gun
Wood glue
3' × 5" × 1" pieces of pre-stained pine trim (1 piece for each shelf)
(2) 65½" × 5" × 1" pieces of pre-stained pine trim
(6) 1" × 32" pieces of 90-degree wood trim

Note: The quantity and measurements of the wood trim will differ depending on your shelves.


1. Measure the length and height of all the desired shelf spaces so you know how much wallpaper to cut. Make sure to measure only the height of the open spaces between shelves – don’t include the shelf in your measurement

2. Cut the wallpaper to the appropriate measurements with a utility blade or scissors. Use a ruler or a straight edge to help cut in a straight line

3. Once the wallpaper has been cut to the right measurements, flip it to the blank side

4. Pour the wallpaper adhesive into the paint tray, and roll the mini roller into the adhesive. Apply the adhesive to the wallpaper with the roller. Make sure to completely cover the blank space with adhesive so the wallpaper fully sticks. Be careful not to saturate the paper as you fully cover it

5. Carefully stick the glued wallpaper to the shelf space, starting in the corners on one side

6. Use the wallpaper spreader to slowly adhere the rest of the wallpaper onto the wall. The spreader is used to smooth out bubbles underneath the wallpaper


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7. Use the sponge to remove any excess glue

8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 until all the desired shelf spaces have been wallpapered

9. Optional: To add wood trim around the bookcase, follow steps 9 through 14. Apply wood glue to the 1" × 32" 90-degree shelf trim

10. Adhere the trim to the edge of the shelf

11. Secure the trim to the shelf with the pneumatic nail gun and 18-gauge finishing nails. You only need to insert nails on the ends and in the middle. Repeat steps 9 through 11 for all shelves

12. Align one piece of 65½" × 5" × 1" wood trim on one side of the wood shelf, and secure with the 18-gauge finishing nails. Insert nails every few inches. Repeat on the other side

13. Insert the 3' × 5" × 1" wood trim onto the top open space. You may need a ladder for this step depending on the height of your shelves. Secure with 18-gauge finishing nails

14. If you have cabinets below your shelves, you can add decorative doorknobs by drilling a hole with a ¼” drill bit where you want them placed and screwing them in

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