Tire Coffee Table

Tire Coffee Table

Kenneth Wingard shows you how to transform a used tire into a high-quality coffee table with extra storage.

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Difficulty: Easy

Used truck tire
Round pre-cut MDF wood (24” diameter)
Large round pre-cut pine wood (24” diameter)
Small round pre-cut pine wood (20” diameter)
350 feet of natural fiber SISAL rope
Hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks
Table legs (comes with plates to attach)
(16) 1 1/2” wood screws
(8) #8 2 1/2” machine screws
(8) #8 lock nuts
Primer paint spray
Power drill
Phillips screwdriver
Tape measure
Wood glue


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  1. Spray down the inside of the tire with the primer paint spray to prevent heavy fumes and smells from the rubber
  2. Place the MDF wood on top of the tire. Separate the plates evenly (use a tape measure to find the middle of the circle and place the plates to the edge). Using the 1 1/2” wood screws and a Phillips screwdriver, attach the plates to the MDF wood (3 upper holes)
  3. Using a power drill, drill the MDF wood and the tire on the bottom holes to attach the MDF wood to the tire
  4. After drilling the holes (8 total), screw in the #8 2 1/2” machine screws and attach the #8 lock nuts
  5. When all the screws are tight, grab the 4 legs and screw them in their previously attached plates
  6. Next, stand the tire on its legs. Apply the hot glue to the rope, attaching the rope to the tire, circling it around the tire from the inside out.
    Tip: Hot glue the tip of the rope so it does not fray, making it easier to go from rope to rope.
    Continue until the tire is completely covered in rope. When the rope ends, just glue the tip and restart where the previous one ended
  7. Upon completing gluing the SISAL rope to the tire, it is time to build the lid. Place the 2 round pieces of pine wood on top of each other, centering them. Use a tape measure to leave 2 inches on each side, and mark it
  8. Remove the smaller piece and apply wood glue to secure the 2 pieces together
  9. Once the 2 pieces are secure, use an electric screwdriver to screw in 4 1 1/2” wood screws (evenly separated), so that the 2 pieces are permanently attached. The smaller piece serves as a lock so that the lid does not slide out of place
  10. The last step is to cover the whole piece in polyurethane to give it more protection and durability. Let it dry for 24 hours in an open space before using it or placing it inside the house

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Just want to say watch the show faithfully every sat morning I love me some Ken he is amazing !!!!!!!

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