“Travel the World” Coffee Table

“Travel the World” Coffee Table

This unique and stylish DIY coffee table project is a guaranteed conversation starter.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

Coffee table
String compass
Drill (with 3/8” bit, big enough to insert jigsaw blade)
Jigsaw (with a clean cut blade)
Sandpaper (220 Grit)
Metal rod
(2) Fasteners


  1. Measure the diameter and width of the globe. Once you know the measurements of the globe, determine the placement by securing the screw in the middle of the measured globe area, and then using the string compass (string and screws) to draw the circle

  1. Next, locate the 4 points along the edge of the drawn circle. Use the drill and 3/8” bit to drill the holes

  1. Once the pilot holes are drilled, clamp down the table so that nothing slips and put on the safety goggles

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Safety Tip: When handling the jigsaw, use goggles and tie back your hair to prevent getting caught in the drill.

  1. Use the jigsaw to cut out the circle by inserting the jigsaw blade into the drilled holes. Cut to the inner part of your drawn line. Start at your outer pilot holes and saw inward to the center

Expert Tip: With the jigsaw, don’t pressure yourself to make a clean cut circle on your first pass.

  1. Continue to use the jigsaw to cut around the circle until it is completely cut out from the middle of the table

  1. Sand the edge of the open circle until smooth, and then flip the table upside down and use the clamps to hold it down. Next, insert the rod through the hole in the globe, lay the globe down and use fasteners and still bits to secure the rod in the globe to the bottom of the table

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