Tripod Lamp

Tripod Lamp

Kenneth Wingard shows you how to create a three-legged lamp that’s equal parts form and function.

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Difficulty: Advanced

(3) 1"×2" Wood posts
6"–8" Square of plywood
3" Toenail screws
Wood glue
(2) Clamps
Hole drill
Lamp kit
White cord cover
Spray paint
White lamp shade


1. Measure two 30-degree angles on one wood post, about 1"–2" from the top, and mark with a pencil. Use the jigsaw to cut the notch. Repeat for the remaining two wood posts

Expert Tip: The bigger the notches, the sturdier the legs.

2. Use a paint can lid to trace and measure a 6"–8" circle in the center of the plywood. Cut the circle out with a jigsaw


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3. Mark three areas every 7" around circle to set where the notches will be. Use the jigsaw to cut spaces for the legs

4. Drill a hole in the center of the circle for the light socket

5. Apply wood glue to the inside of the notch in one leg, and place it into a notch on the center piece. Drill one toenail screw through the leg into the center piece. Repeat until all three legs are attached

6. Attach the socket from underneath the center circle, and then add a bulb and the shade

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