Tub Coffee Table

Kenneth Wingard and Carmen de la Paz connect to show you a unique coffee table.

5 col

((KENNETH WINGARD)) Oh hey! I’ve got our tub.

((CARMEN DE LA PAZ)) Hey! Awesome! Perfect timing.

((KENNETH)) So, what we’re going to be making you is a galvanized tub coffee table.

((SUNHEE)) Fabulous!

((CARMEN)) We just need 2x4s cut to the length that’s going to cover our galvanized bucket. Then, I’m using 1x2 strips that are gonna hold the whole piece together.

((KENNETH)) Perfect!

((SUNHEE)) Okay.

((CARMEN)) You wanna do some?

((SUNHEE)) Sure.

((CARMEN)) I’m going to just feed your screws.

((SUNHEE)) Uh huh. Can I start?

((CARMEN)) Please! Yeah she feels good with a drill I think!

((KENNETH)) Wow!

((CARMEN)) Good job!

((SUNHEE)) Yeah!

((CARMEN)) Nice! It’s heavy.

((SUNHEE)) Wow, it’s heavy.

((CARMEN)) Yeah.


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((KENNETH)) So, now to get our circle!

((CARMEN)) We’re just gonna find our center. So we’re gonna go there.

((SUNHEE)) Okay.

((KENNETH)) All you do, is you put the screw with a piece of string and you put that in the center.

((CARMEN)) Yep.

((KENNETH)) Hold it taut.

((CARMEN)) So, now what we’re gonna do is I’m going to pull the table off here ‘cause we’re gonna work little bits at a time.

((SUNHEE)) Okay.

((CARMEN)) I’m gonna start from the outside. Nice and slow. You don’t have to push. Okay, a little faster. Come aligned and move far back. Okay, keep going. Good.

((KENNETH)) Yay!

((SUNHEE)) Woo! We did it!

((CARMEN)) Yay!

((KENNETH)) Alright, hold it, hold it. Let me get the tub.

((CARMEN)) Yes, yes, the tub!

((KENNETH)) Ready?

((CARMEN)) There you go, Darling.

((SUNHEE)) Woo hoo!

((CARMEN)) You just made yourself a galvanized coffee table.

((KENNETH)) How easy was that?

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