Turbine Light Fixture

Turbine Light Fixture

Turn a roof wind turbine into a unique light fixture with Designer Kim Myles’ simple instructions.

5 col

1 roof wind turbine vent
Mini-pendant light kit (includes electrical wiring, socket, and instructions)
55-watt light bulb
Tape measure



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  1. Measure the diameter of the bulb-end of cord in your light kit and write down
  2. Take the wind turbine to local hardware store and ask them to cut a hole in the top-center that matches the diameter that you measured in step 1. In doing this, some components within the turbine will become detached. These can be discarded. Also be sure to ask your local expert to file down any sharp edges that remain around the hole
  3. Screw in bulb end of cord in light kit through the hole in the top then screw in 55-watt light bulb
  4. Consult your local electrician for steps to properly install a light fixture

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My son and daughter-in-law made one of these for their patio. While cleaning out a storage shed they found the turbine. Instead of throwing to the curb they found this idea. It looks really great!

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