Upcycled Shoe Storage

Upcycled Shoe Storage

Repurpose an old changing table into classy shoe storage for your entryway!

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Difficulty: Medium

Circular saw

Old changing table
18” x 30” x 3/4” plywood (or sized to base of changing table)
(4) 4” table legs
(4) 2” x 2” table leg top plates
(2) Decorative doorknobs
Acrylic spray paint and primer in one, color of choice
Drill with a Phillips head bit and 1/8” drill bit
(16) 3/4” wood screws
(4) 1 1/2” wood screws
4’ T-square
Painter’s tape
Safety glasses



  1. Remove all the drawers from the changing table. (One will be kept, two will be discarded.) If there is plywood on the back of the table, remove that too and discard it
  1. Lay the changing table on its side. Place a 4’ T-square over the side of the changing table with the sort edge flush with the back and the long edge across the table. Position it so it’s 3/4” below the top most drawer hole. Mark across the table with a pencil (See image below)

  1. Measure from the bottom of the side up to the pencil line from Step 2 and make a note of the measurement. This measurement will be needed to make a pencil mark at the same height on the second side of the changing table in later steps (See image below)

  1. Place painter’s tape across the table on the half you want to keep and the edge on the pencil line. This will help stop the wood on the half you want to keep splintering when the wood is cut. The lower half will be discarded (See image below)

  1. Put on safety glasses. Using a circular saw, cut along the pencil line to cut the side of the changing table in half (See image below)

Expert Tip: Position the circular saw blade just back from where it’s about to cut and turn on the saw before you begin to cut the wood. When you move the blade forward to cut the wood it will already have the blade spinning to make a smooth cut. If you have never used a circular saw before or are unfamiliar with how it works, have an expert show you in-person first.


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  1. Turn the changing table over with the uncut side facing up. Repeat Steps 2 to 5 for cutting off the other side. Once the bottom half is removed, place the changing table upside down on your work surface (See image below)


  1. Place the 18” x 30” x 3/4” plywood over the cut sides. Check to make sure all edges are flush. Using a drill with a 1/8” drill bit, drill pilot holes through the four corners of the plywood and into the changing table sides underneath (See images below)

  1. Once all four pilot holes are drilled, secure the plywood in place using a drill with a Phillips head bit and (4) 1 1/2” wood screws (See images below)

  1. Remove the painter’s tape from the sides. Place a 2” x 2” table leg top plate in each corner of the plywood, about 1” from the sides. Secure each plate in place using a drill with a Phillips head bit and (4) 3/4” wood screws per plate (See images below)

  1. Turn the new shoe storage right side up. Put on a facemask. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint all surfaces of the wood (except the bottom) in the color of your choice. Also spray paint the front of one of the removed drawers from Step 1. Allow the paint to dry for at least 2 to 4 hours before moving on to the next step (See images below)

  1. Lift up the shoe storage and screw a 4” table leg into each plate from Step 9 (See images below)

  1. Place the painted drawer back into the shoe storage. Attach two decorative door knobs to the drawer (See images below)

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