Upholstered Bench

Upholstered Bench

Build a cute, functional bench for a bedroom or living room.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

4' × 1' × ¾" plywood
(4) wooden bench legs
3"-thick foam, cut to size of plywood
Ticking fabric
Drill driver
Phillips drill bit
½" wood screws
(4) leg post bases
5/16" upholstered staples
Staple gun
Tack hammer
(4) floor protectors
Spray adhesive
Utility blade
Tape measure


1. Spray the 4' × 1' × ¾" plywood with spray adhesive on one side only

2. Lay the 3"-thick foam on top of the sprayed side

3. Lay the foam/plywood on the batting. Make sure the plywood is facing up when setting it down

4. Fold the batting around the foam/plywood, and then use the 5/16" staples in the staple gun to secure along the perimeter of the plywood. It doesn’t have to look pretty because the batting won’t show

5. Bunch the corners and staple. Once the batting is stapled to the plywood, use the blade to cut off the excess batting

6. Lay out the fabric, and place the batted plywood on top, cushion side down

7. Fold the fabric over the 1' side first. Make sure the fabric is taut, and then staple. Repeat on the other side

8. At the corners, fold one open flap onto the plywood. This should make a 90-degree angle with the fabric

9. Fold the perpendicular side of the fabric onto the existing fold

10. Staple the fabric corner with the staple gun to secure it to the plywood

11. Continue to secure the perimeter of the fabric onto the plywood with the staple gun, and repeat steps 8 through 10 for the remaining corners

12. If needed, cut off any excess fabric

13. Drill a leg post base into one corner using the ½" wood screws and a Phillips drill bit. Place the leg post base 3" from the top and 2¼" from the side

14. Repeat for the remaining three corners

15. Notice the threading in the center of the leg posts. Screw the bench legs into that threaded circle. Repeat for all four legs

16. Using the tack hammer, insert a floor protector into each bench leg. This will protect your flooring from scuffs and scratches

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