Upholstered Coffee Table

Upholstered Coffee Table

Learn how to jazz up an old coffee table to double as extra seating for your family room!

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Difficulty: Easy

Electric carving knife

Repurposed wood coffee table
3/4” Plywood board – cut to size of coffee table top
2” Upholstery foam – cut to size of coffee table top
1” Batting – min. size 18” longer & wider than coffee table top
Decorative upholstery fabric – min. size 18” longer & wider than coffee table top
Spray adhesive
(8) 1 1/4” screws
Drill with a Phillips head bit
Staple gun with heavy-duty staples
Acrylic spray paint – color of choice


1. Put on a facemask. Spray paint the coffee table the color of your choice. Allow the paint to dry for 2-4 hours or until dry to the touch before securing the cushion to the coffee table in later steps


2. In a well-ventilated area, spray adhesive glue over the plywood board. Press the 2” upholstery foam over the board. Cut away any excess foam from around the board using an electric carving knife (See images below)

3. Set the plywood and foam to one side. Spread out the upholstery fabric face down on the work surface. Lay the 1” batting on top of the fabric. Place the plywood foam-side-down on the batting. If you have a lot of excess fabric, trim it off before moving on to the next step (See image below)


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4. Using a staple gun and starting in the center of one edge, staple the batting and fabric to the underside of the plywood. Space the staples every 2”-4”, pulling the fabric and batting taut as you go along. If there are any loose spots when you’re finished, go back and add additional staples. Leave the corners until the next step (See images below)

Expert Tip: Place the staples in alternating directions to help place less stress on the fabric and increase its longevity.

5. There will be excess batting and fabric at the corners that can be trimmed to make them less bulky. Once the excess fabric is cut, pinch the remaining corner fabric into a point and press the point to the plywood. Secure in place with 5-7 staples or more if needed to keep it place (See images below)

6. Trim off any excess fabric (See image below)


7. Place the cushion on top of the coffee table, using your eye to center it. Put on safety glasses. From the underside of the table drill (8) 1 1/4” screws through the table and up into the underside of the cushion. You will know it has a good grip when the cushion is pulled tight against the top of the table

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