Video Tutorial: Acrylic Picture Frames

Kenneth Wingard shows you how to make a modern, clean acrylic picture frame.

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((KENNETH WINGARD)) What we’re going to do today is make a Floating Acrylic Picture Frame that is going to showcase a limited number of photos, but also make them look clean, modern, almost art gallery-ish in a ‘70s sort of bachelor pad way. 

((NICK)) Oh, very cool.

((KENNETH)) How are you with power tools?

((NICK)) You press the button, right?

((KENNETH)) Sure, exactly! It’s like a toaster.

((NICK)) Yeah


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((KENNETH)) So, for this project, we’re gonna sandwich them together with the photo in between and then this will get mounted to the wall, but it will float off the wall about two inches.

First thing we do is line up our squares, one on top of another. Now, we’re gonna measure carefully and put a dot in each corner about an inch in. ok, so now that we’ve got all of our dots, we’re gonna drill holes through the acrylic and we’ll do that two sheets a time so the holes line up.

Well done.

You’re quite good at that!

Go ahead and take our protective paper covering off. Now, we’re gonna take our photo, put it in the middle between the two pieces of acrylic, and then put a screw through a washer, through the acrylic, and through a spacer. When we get inside all we have to do screw these right into the wall, and you’re gonna get a wonderful museum quality brand.

((NICK)) I like it!

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