Video Tutorial: Colander Kitchen Lighting

Designer Kenneth Wingard shows you how to make unique kitchen lights from colanders.

5 col

((KENNETH WINGARD)) One of the important things in any kitchen is lighting. What we’re gonna do is take this colander and turn it into pendant lighting.

((CYNTHIA)) How creative! Neat, did you think of that yourself?

((KENNETH)) Yeah, you know. I do what I can. It’s gonna be super easy. What we’re gonna do is drill a hole in the bottom. Hold it like this.

((CYNTHIA)) Woo!

((KENNETH)) Well done. We’ll draw a little circle of the socket size. Then, within ten snips, cut an “X” in the bottom. You got good with those snips!

((CYNTHIA)) I know!

((KENNETH)) You’ve got some strong hands. So, these edges are sharp, which is why we are wearing the gloves, but we won’t have to worry about it when it’s finished since it’s gonna be up in the air, no one will have access to these edges.

((CYNTHIA)) Okay.

((KENNETH)) We’re going to add the socket set.


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((CYNTHIA)) Tada!

((KENNETH)) Tada! Now, this little ring comes with the socket set, and all we’re gonna do is just …

And that will hold it in place.

((CYNTHIA)) Okay.

((KENNETH)) The lightbulb.

((CYNTHIA)) That’s neat!

((KENNETH)) They make these little things which is a lightbulb end on one and then a socket on the other.

((CYNTHIA)) Okay.

((KENNETH)) So, we’ll just screw that into the socket that exists, and we’ll just plug this in. Not only is it gonna bring the light lower and closer to the work surface. A dropped chandelier.

((CYNTHIA)) Love this. This is great.

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