Video Tutorial: Floating Planter

Carpenter David Leon shows you how to make rustic DIY floating planters.

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((DAVID)) I’m gonna show you how to put a little life into a room, ok. So we’re going to make a floating planter, and it’s so, so easy to do.

The basic materials that we have. Mason jars. Wood blocks, and also some threaded rods. I went to the hardware store, had them drill some holes in there for me. But if you want these drilled in yourself, all you need is a drill bit the size of the mason jar. Whatever one you want.

((CYNTHIA)) Oh okay.

((DAVID)) Ok, we need a lift to go around so that it will sit on top. We’re going to use a piece of rope and make it look cool.

((DAVID)) There we go.

((CYNTHIA)) Alright.

((DAVID)) I’m gonna –

((CYNTHIA)) So you’re going to glue it all the way around?

((DAVID)) Yup.

And we’re gonna also go around in a circle.

((CYNTHIA)) on the edge.


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((DAVID)) While the lid is drying, why don’t we take the threaded rod. You can go ahead and put a nut on the end.

((CYNTHIA)) And just you want to screw it on to where you want your – 

((DAVID)) This will be the bottom of where the wood block is gonna to sit on.

((CYNTHIA)) And then what we’ll do is after this is at the point that we want it, we’ll thread the rod through the wood, and put the next nut on it and secure it in place.

((DAVID)) Now, this is floating. Ok, but we don’t want all of this threaded rod at the very bottom. So what we’re going to do is –

You got it, see?

((CYNTHIA)) Ok, Perfect.

((DAVID)) So this is what we’re going to do to hang it with. This is called a wing nut. These wings right here, we’re either going to use fishing line or wire and hang it from a hook in the ceiling.

You’re going to screw the jar in…and put your plants in there.

((CYNTHIA)) Oh, it’s pretty.

((DAVID)) And there you have it.

((CYNTHIA)) Pretty.

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