Video Tutorial: Shoe Rails

Kim Myles shows you how to make a shoe rail you’ll be sure to love.

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((KIM MYLES)) Ruthie, shoe rails. You ready to put them up?

((RUTHIE)) I’m ready!

((KIM)) Okay, so, first things first. We need to decide where we want them to hang.

((RUTHIE)) Okay.

((KIM)) I want this wall.

((RUTHIE)) Oh, here.

((KIM)) Okay, got it at the height we want. So, let’s just check for level. This one’s set here.

((RUTHIE)) Oh, okay, good.

((KIM)) Yeah?

((RUTHIE)) Yeah.

((KIM)) Okay. Then, I just take a screw and I go into the pilot holes that we already made. Make a little mark in the wall. Great.

Next step is that we’re going to go ahead and use wall anchors. And these are great. This little anchor means that we don’t need to find studs in the wall.

((RUTHIE)) Yeah.

((KIM)) This is gonna anchor it. And I don’t have to pre-drill with these.

((RUTHIE)) Okay.


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((KIM)) They drive right into the wall.

((RUTHIE)) Yay!

((KIM)) So, here’s the trick, tap it in a little bit. Get it started.

((RUTHIE)) Okay.

((KIM)) And then start slow. Push. There you go!

((RUTHIE)) There you go.

((KIM)) Alright. Boom!

((RUTHIE)) Nice!

((KIM)) And we’ll just patch these holes, do a little touch up paint, you’ll never even know they were there.

((RUTHIE)) Nice! Ta-da! Cute!

((KIM)) Isn’t that cute?

((RUTHIE)) Yeah, that’s cool! This is so much cuter.

((KIM)) Now, you can actually see your shoes.

((RUTHIE)) And it’s not dangerous.

((KIM)) Exactly!

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