Video Tutorial: Vinyl Bookends

Carmen De La Paz shows you how to make cool vinyl bookends.

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((CARMEN DE LA PAZ)) Jenna, you and I both know that Ayesha has the most incredible album collection, right?

((JENNA)) Yes.

((CARMEN)) But what she doesn’t have is she doesn’t have organization, and she doesn’t have a way to display them. So, what we wanna do is accomplish both things; a display and organization by using records to create bookends.

((JENNA)) Cool.

((CARMEN)) Okay, so what we’re gonna use are the old LP 12-inchers, a piece of wood will help you, and we’re also going to need a hairdryer.

The steps for the project are really easy. All you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna take your albums, we’re going to heat them up, we’re going to bend them and fold them to create the bookends.

((JENNA)) Cool!


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((CARMEN)) One for you, one for me. If you’ll join me on that side of the table, we’re going to do it at the same time.

Hold the album centered with the table. Okay, and so we don’t get our hands heated up, we’ll put the one by right over it here, centered right over the center of your hole. Right there. And you can either bend up or bend down, whichever is most convenient. So, all we’re going to do is heat our edge on high with the dryer.

Here is goes! Looks really good. Alright, let’s turn them off. Perfect. And then we’ll turn it this way. Nice! Awesome!

So, there we go.

((JENNA)) Do you put weight on this?

((CARMEN)) We can put weight on them, but actually they stand so well because they’re so wide. Look at how well they actually work. Here we go, we have record bookends to display an amazing record collection.

((JENNA)) Nice!

((CARMEN)) Really easy, right? 

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