Vintage Trunk Coffee Table

Vintage Trunk Coffee Table

Add sophistication to any room by creating a glass coffee table out of a fashionable trunk.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Repurposed trunk
Paint in color of your choice
(4) Wood blocks
DrillDrill bit
Safety goggles
(12) Wood screws
Craft paper
Spray adhesive
Repurposed fabric
Exacto knife
(4) Rubber bumpers
Glass top (½" thick)


1. Pre-paint the buckles of the trunk in color of your choice

2. To add the legs, flip the trunk upside down, and line up the four wood blocks in each corner against the metal lining. Pre-drill two holes into the bottom of the trunk in each corner

3. Turn the trunk right side up, place the blocks underneath the four corners with the pre-drilled holes, and drill the wood screws into the block from the inside of the trunk

4. Tape craft paper to the front, back and sides of the trunk to protect these areas from spray adhesive


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5. Spray the top of the trunk with spray adhesive. Wait 10 seconds, and then lay the fabric decorative side up on the top and the sides of the trunk

6. Cut the fabric along the edges of the top part of the trunk with an Exacto knife until the fabric is completely cut apart and attached to the top. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the other three sides of the trunk

7. Line up the four rubber bumpers in each corner on the top of the trunk – they will protect the glass table top. Secure them in place with a drill and wood screws

8. For the front of the trunk, repeat step 5. Use an Exacto knife to cut around the buckles and hinges, and then pull off the cut-away pieces to reveal the metal closures

9. Place the glass table on top of the rubber bumpers

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