Vintage Wall Covering

Vintage Wall Covering

Transform plain walls with the elegant texture of embossed wallpaper.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Anaglypta paintable Egon floral and botanical 3-D embossed wallpaper
Strong adhesive paste (heavy enough to hold the weight of the anaglypta)
Paint tray
(3) Paint rollers
Nylon brush
Razor Blade
Semi-gloss paint
Paint brush


1. Clean and prime walls

2. Unroll the wallpaper, measure to the length of the wall and add 3 inches to the top and bottom before cutting. The additional 3 inches provide room to match the wallpaper pattern, with excess at the top and bottom for a clean cut

3. Pour the paste into the tray and use the rollers to apply to back of the wallpaper

4. “Book” the paper by folding it, pasted sides together, and set it aside for 10-15 minutes so the paste can absorb and expand


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5. Unfold the paper and gently apply to the wall starting at the top and aligning it with the pencil line. The first piece of wallpaper applied should begin mid-wall, not in a corner. This helps with matching the pattern and creating clean wall corners

6. Starting at the top and pressing down towards the bottom, use the nylon brush to brush the wallpaper gently to smooth down any wrinkles. Too much pressure will crush the pattern. If air bubbles occur, gently lift the paper from the bottom, remove air bubbles and then reapply and continue to brush

Expert Tip: Brush downwards and push down with fingers to prevent air bubbles.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 until the wall is completely covered, remembering to line up the pattern with previously laid piece. Use the nylon brush carefully to make sure the seams come together

8. Let the paper dry partially for 10 minutes, and then use razor blade to trim the top and bottom. Peel away the excess and discard

9. If applying wallpaper over a power socket, remove the socket cover before working, cut the paper CAREFULLY around the socket and then put the socket cover back after step 10

10. Once the wallpaper dries completely, apply semi-gloss paint. This makes cleaning fingerprints easier and adds a beautiful shine and finish

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