Video Tutorial: Volleyball Lamp

Kenneth Wingard shows you how to make a sporty new lamp in this video tutorial.

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((KENNETH WINGARD)) We need to fix the lighting issue in the room. It’s that wonderful recess lighting, but it’s all the same cast. So, I want to create some little points of interest that’ll help to make the room more inviting.

((STACIE)) Okay.

((KENNETH)) I thought, what more perfect than to take an old volleyball and make a lamp out of it.

((STACIE)) Okay, sounds good.

((KENNETH)) Right, so first thing we’re gonna need to do to get our volleyball onto our lamp is to take off the existing socket.

((STACIE)) Okay.

((KENNETH)) So, I’m gonna let you go ahead and do that.

((STACIE)) Okay.

((KENNETH)) And then just pull it. And what it will do is it will pull the wire out. There you go.

((STACIE)) Oh, yeah. Okay. 

((KENNETH)) So, now we’re gonna cut this one off. To get our volleyball ready, we just need a hole that’s gonna go here, then cut a little X on the bottom. It doesn’t need to be too big. We’re just gonna do the same thing on the bottom here. 

((STACIE)) Okay.

((KENNETH)) There we go, perfect!

((STACIE)) Okay, there we go!

((KENNETH)) Alright, so now we’ve got our two holes through, we’re gonna put a tiny bit of caulk on there. That’s perfect. 

((STACIE)) Alright.

((KENNETH)) So, now we’re just gonna get this right on here.

((STACIE)) Okay.


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((KENNETH)) See, we feed the wires through. This is good, it has a nice tight fit. Alright, so now that we have our ball on it, we’re gonna refill it with gap filler. This stuff is used to like insulate houses, to go around pipes. You ever look at your plumbing, you see where that pipe goes in, that sort of yellow crunchy stuff?

((STACIE)) Yeah. That’s this.

((KENNETH)) That’s what this is. So, it expands like a zillion times its volume, so. 

((STACIE)) Alright, push this button here?

((KENNETH)) Push this button. Here we go now. Stop. Now it’s gonna keep expanding so let’s not put any more for a second. It should keep expanding.

((STACIE)) Okay.

((KENNETH)) You feel it? 

((STACIE)) Oh yeah!

((KENNETH)) Okay, so now that our ball is back inflated. Look at that, looks nice and normal.

((STACIE)) Yes.

((KENNETH)) Now, all we have to do is just place the socket back down into its little cradle.

((STACIE)) Okay!

((KENNETH)) All the way in?

((STACIE)) All the way in!

((KENNETH)) Look at that! You wanna do the honors, Ma’am?

((STACIE)) Yes! Definitely.

((KENNETH & STACIE)) *Singing* Aaahhhhh!

((KENNETH)) Well done! Our volleyball lamp is complete!

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