Wall Mounted Bench

Wall Mounted Bench

Create extra seating, by repurposing an average bench, giving it a floating effect.

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Difficulty: Hard

Old bench
A stretchy, cotton, patterned, fabric
(3) 12” L-brackets
(6) 1½” Wood screws
(8) 2½” Wood screws
(3) 2”x4” wood piece same length as inside of bench (support for L-brackets)
1’x4’ 46” wide (ledger)
Safety goggles
Staple gun and staples
Stud finder 


Important: Before Starting the project, use a stud finder to locate the wood studs in the wall where you are going to install the floating bench.

Extremely important: Bench must be secured into the wall stud OR anchors must be used in a hollow wall

Bench Prep

  1. Remove or cut off the legs of the bench using a handsaw
  2. Turn bench over and work on the under part of the bench
  3. Cut (3) 2”X 4” pieces of wood to the length of the inside of the bench – these will serve as supports for the shelf support – be sure to space them to where the wood studs are located on the wall – (the supports MUST correspond to the spacing of your wood studs in the wall)
  4. Secure 2” X 4” supports to the bench with 2” screws directly from the side of the bench (2 per side for a total of 4 in each support beam)

Expert Tip: To prevent wood from splitting or cracking when screwing in supports use a pre-drill before installing screws


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Fabric and Batting Prep

  1. Lay out selected fabric and place bench upside down on top. Trim fabric, but leave enough excess to fold around the bench and be stapled to the bottom of the bench
  2. Lay batting over fabric, and cut batting leaving 1” to 2” excess fabric to prevent bunching up at the bottom of the bench and make stapling easier


  1. Lay fabric upside down on table
  2. Lay batting centered on the fabric
  3. Lay the bench upside down on the batting and fabric
  4. To ensure fabric is tight and evenly distributed, work from opposite sides to ensure an even stretch of your canvas. Staple from the center out alternating opposite sides of the bench as you staple
  5. Pay extra attention at the corners and ensure you are folding them the same at each corner, like you would a gift

Install L Brackets

  1. Turn bench upside down. Using (4) 2½” wood screws and a screw gun, screw L-brackets into already installed wood support pieces

Installing Wood Ledger and Securing Bench to Wall

  1. Determine where wood studs are found under the drywall and mark with a pencil
  2. Determine the finished height of your bench – draw a level line
  3. Install ledger (2”x4” piece of wood cut to the size of your bench) by securing with 3” screws directly into studs (2 screws per stud) at your determined bench height, level and centered to your wall
  4. Install bench onto wall and ledger:
    a. Rest the lip of the bench flushed with the ledger on the wall, with the L-brackets aligned to the wood studs
    b. Secure L-brackets directly onto the wall using 3” screws

    c. Secure the bench to the ledger, screwing through the bench, the ledger and into the wall studs. Repeat for every wall stud using (2) 4” wood screws per stud

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