Wall Storage Unit

Wall Storage Unit

Organize your family’s belongings with this clever storage solution that spans two rooms.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

(5) Pre-cut pinewood shelves: (3) 3' shelves and (2) 5' shelves
Box of #6 flat screws
(12) L Brackets (medium, large)
Stud finder
White paint (Soluble)
Foam paint roller


1. To make the basic shelving unit (3' boards/small brackets), put the long edges of two pieces of pinewood together in an L shape

2. Measure 3" inward from each edge of the boards, and mark with a pencil. Place a medium L bracket at the first pencil mark, and use drill to screw in three #6 screws into the back of the shelf. Repeat for the second bracket

3. Flip and repeat step 2 to secure bottom side of shelf. Set aside

4. To create the larger 5'-wide shelf, repeat steps 1 and 2, drilling the large L brackets on the outside of the unit

5. Place the 3'-wide front cover (called a “modesty panel”) at the front edge of the 5'-wide unit where desired


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6. Repeat step 2, but instead place the two L brackets on the inside of the shelf to hide the hardware from being seen

7. Follow steps 1–6 to build remaining shelves before hanging them on the wall

8. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. Once located, use a pencil to mark the area on the wall. Pilot hole placement is determined by where the wall studs land on the wall space. Use a pre-drill bit to drill the pilot hole in the wall. Place the shelves approximately 6"–8" apart

9. To prepare for attaching the shelves to the wall, drill two pilot holes in the back part of the L brackets

10. Paint the entire shelf both inside and outside. Let dry for at least 30 minutes

11. Line up the shelves against the pre-drilled holes, and use the level to balance. Once leveled, drill the #6 screws (two in each L bracket), and anchor the shelf to the wall. Repeat for all remaining shelves

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