wall unit working station

Wall Unit Working Station

Create a custom, streamlined in-home workspace with this Home Made Simple project from Kenneth Wingard.

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Difficulty: Difficult

Measuring tape
Chalkboard paint
3" construction screws
(3) 5.3' × 2' pine boards (reinforcements for the desk top)
(2) 16' × 1' pine boards (desk top)
(2) 2' × 30" pine boards (side-wall sub straights)
(4) 1' × 30" pine boards (side-wall sub straights)
(2) 8' × 30" wood pieces (to cap the face of the desk
(2) 30" × 2" wood pieces (to cap the sides of the desk)
(2) file cabinets
(1) can polyacrylic
Sawhorse (to use if wood is not precut at the hardware store)
2" nails
Protective glasses (use whenever using nail gun or cutting wood)
Wood glue


1. Paint the wall to give a fresh look to your space – we used gold chalkboard paint. Use spackle to smooth any holes in the wall before applying the paint

2. Measure the full length of the wall to find wood measurements. In our case the wall is 16' × 2'

3. Using the chop saw, cut the wood to reflect your wall measurements. Wood can also be precut at a local hardware store

4. Secure the 2' × 30" pieces of wood to the wall. These will be used as sub straights for the sides of the desk. Attach the first wood piece using the nail gun and 2" nails. Then secure the two 1' × 30" additional pieces of wood side by side using wood glue and the nail gun

5. Determine the location for the filing cabinet drawers, ensuring they are evenly centered and level to the reinforcement wood pieces

6. Place the three 5.3' × 2' sub straights on top of the file cabinets, and secure with the nail gun and nails to the sub straights that are currently attached to the walls

7. Add a significant amount of wood glue to the top of the sub straight boards

8. Place the two 16' × 1' pine boards that will serve as your desk top over the sub straights. Secure with nails into the sub straight attached to each side of the walls.

9. Cap the edges of the face of your desk using the two 8' × 2" (front pieces) and the two 30" × 2” wood pieces (side pieces). Apply glue

10. Place on the face of the desk

11. Secure the caps with a nail gun and nails

12. Sand the desk top using 220-grit sand paper to achieve smoothness, and then apply a coat of polyacrylic with a paintbrush to seal the wood. Allow to dry for 24 hours

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