Washing Machine Drum Table

Washing Machine Drum Table

Recycle an old washing machine drum and transform it into an industrial-style table.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Drill driver
¼" drill bit
24"-diameter round tabletop
Washing machine drum
¼" × 3" carriage bolt
(3) floor protectors
(3) 2" × 2" × 24" wooden table legs
Wood stain
Speed square
Tape measure
Dry rag


1. Use the paintbrush and wood stain to stain the 24"-diameter round tabletop on both sides. Apply a light, even coat, and then use a dry rag to lightly wipe off any excess. Let dry for 1 hour

2. After 1 hour, place the washing machine drum upside down on the tabletop. Make sure the mouth of the drum is facing down towards the tabletop

3. Position the three 2" × 2" × 24" table legs evenly spaced around the tabletop and drum to get an idea of where the legs will be placed. You can roughly mark the leg placement with a pencil

4. Using a tape measure and pencil, measure and mark each leg at 7" and 14" from the tabletop side

5. With the ¼" drill bit and drill driver, drill holes in the 7" and 14" marks on all three table legs

6. Flip the drum on its side

7. Insert two carriage bolts per leg through the drilled holes in the legs

8. Insert the legs into the washing machine drum at the designated, penciled spots from step 3. Make sure the legs are securely attached to the drum. Use the mallet to tap down on the carriage bolts

9. On the inside of the washing machine drum, slide the washer and screw on the nut onto the carriage bolt. Tighten with a wrench. Do this for all three legs

10. Flip the table upside down so the legs are facing up. Use the hammer to tap the floor protectors onto the bottom of the legs

11. Flip the table right side up, and place the 24" round tabletop on the legs

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I have a SAFETY concern about this project. all of the bolts extend into the interior of the drum at least 1/2 inch and there are no acorn nuts on the ends of the bolts to protect the hands and arms of anyone reaching into the interior of the tub to retrieve items put in the drum for storage, also any fabric items put in the drum will catch on the too long bolts and tear. SAFETY FIRST

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