Washtub Ottoman

Washtub Ottoman

Use Designer Nicole Gibbons’ instructions to make a decorative storage ottoman with a rustic touch.

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Galvanized steel washtub — size and color of your choice
3/4-inch Pine plywood — large enough to completely cover the wash tub opening
1-inch Foam padding — 3’x4’
1 1/2-inch Batting — 3’x4’
Fabric of your choice — 3’x4’
Spray glue
Staple gun and staples
Belt — any size or color
Fabric scissors
Marker pen
Drill with 1/16-inch drill bit
(2) 3/4-inch screws and finishing washers
Phillips head screwdriver


Make the Ottoman Lid:

  1. Turn the washtub upside down and trace around its edge onto a piece of plywood. Measure 1/2-inch inside of the trace line all the way around to make the shape smaller, in order for the ottoman lid to fit inside the washtub. Cut out the shape using a jigsaw
  2. Place the plywood on top of the piece of foam and trace around it with a pen, leaving an extra 1-inch of foam on all sides to wrap around the edges. Cut out the foam shape with scissors. Apply spray glue to the top of the plywood and press the foam on top, centered so that there is 1-inch of foam hanging over each edge
  3. Lay the plywood, foam side down, on top of a piece of batting. Cut the batting so there is at least 2-inch excess on all sides of the plywood.
  4. Wrap the batting over the edges of the plywood and staple it in place with a staple gun. Space the staples 1 inch apart and pull the batting taught as you go along. Trim off excess batting so when the fabric is added it will be as flat as possible
  5. Lay the plywood with batting and foam facedown on the fabric. Cut the fabric so there is at least a 6-inch excess on all sides of the plywood
  6. Staple the fabric to the underside of the plywood — moving from end to end — pulling it taught as you go along. If there are any loose spots or wrinkles when you’re finished, pull the area tight and add additional staples, then trim off any excess fabric.

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Add the Belt Handles:

  1. Measure and cut (2) 12-inch strips of belt, preferably where there are no belt holes
  2. Fold the first strip in half and place the ends 1 inch in from the underside short edge of the plywood. Drill a pilot hole through the belt and into the plywood, making sure not to go through into the fabric. Place a washer on the screw then screw it through the belt and into the plywood

  1. Repeat Step 8 for the opposite side of the plywood
  2. Place the fabric lid on top of the steel washtub

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