Water Conservation Tip

Jeremiah Brent shares an easy hack to conserve water in your house.

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((JEREMIAH BRENT)) Hi, Guys. I’m here with Abby who’s got a great tip on how to conserve some water around your home.

((ABBY)) It’s really easy. We keep this bucket in our shower while the water is warming up. We let the water run into this bucket instead of down the drain, and then we use the water for our fruit trees and other vegetables around the house.


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((JEREMIAH)) Genius. I have an easy solution to make that handle a little bit more comfortable. I found an old hose, cut a small piece. You attach it to the handle, and it’s instantly more comfortable. And you’re ready to keep gardening.

((ABBY)) That’s great! Thank you.

((JEREMIAH)) Of course.

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