Whitewashed Fireplace

Whitewashed Fireplace

Learn how to update an old red brick fireplace into a modern masterpiece!

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

White matte paint
Water (on standby)
(2) Foam cups (to pour the water into paint buckets to make mixture)
Mixing stick
(2) Large buckets
Pack of gloves
(4) Paint brushes
Dry rag


  1. Pour 1 cup of paint to 5 cups of water into a bucket and stir. Be sure to make enough formula for the entire project


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  1. Distribute the mixture in the 2nd bucket (half and half) and pair off. Have one person paint, while another person blots the paint on the brick

  1. Paint the entire brick and between the grout before wiping immediately. This prevents uneven layers from forming on the brick

Expert Tip: If you see any drips, blot them up immediately with the dry rag to prevent them from drying and creating a drip mark on the brick.

  1. Brush, wipe, repeat until the wall is complete

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