Wicker Headboard Rejuvenation

Wicker Headboard Rejuvenation

Use Designer Jinnie Choi’s instructions to breathe new life into an old, distressed headboard.

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This project rejuvenates an old bed headboard with some chalk paint, wicker and twine.

Old headboard
Wicker material
Plaster of Paris
Flat paint
Bucket (for mixing chalk paint)
Craft paper
Spray glue
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks


Mix the Chalk Paint:

  1. In a bucket, mix equal parts plaster of Paris and water. Stir
  2. Add 3 parts flat paint to plaster of Paris/water mixture and stir. This mixture will be thicker than normal paint
  3. Paint the headboard and body of the bed using a paintbrush. Use the paint mixture immediately after mixing in to prevent the chalk paint from settling
  4. Allow paint to dry

Apply Wicker and Twine:

  1. To create a stencil, place craft paper over the detail/molding on headboard and trace outline onto paper with pencil. You want to trace the outline of the detail or molding that you intend to cover with wicker
  2. Use scissors to cut traced shape out of craft paper. This shape will become your stencil for the wicker accents
  3. Place craft paper headboard stencil on wicker and use scissors to cut out wicker piece to match the outline
  4. Spray glue on backside of wicker cutout, line up edges with molding and press down and hold on headboard


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  1. Lay out twine around outline of wicker to create a decorative edge. Have a friend hold ball of twine and apply around the edge as you lay down a line of hot glue

  1. Use a rag to wipe away excess wicker and twine as seen in picture below

  1. Continue this until all of your desired headboard molding and panels are covered with wicker and twine

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