Windowpane Picture Frame

Windowpane Picture Frame

This project transforms an old window frame into a beautiful photo display.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Old window with several panes
Decorative vinyl pieces cut to the size of the windowpanes
Personal photo prints
Box cutter
Double-sided tape
Masking tape

1. Place the decorative vinyl pieces into each windowpane to determine the piece that fits best in each pane

Windowpane Picture Frame

2.Use a marker to label each photo with numbers or letters to remember which vinyl piece goes in each pane

Windowpane Picture Frame Label

3.Use a ruler and a box cutter to cut each photo to size

windowpane picture frame pictures

4.Remove the vinyl from each windowpane, and place the cropped photo in the center. Secure in place with double-sided tape on the back of the photos

windowpane picture frame secured pictures

5. Return the vinyl with attached photos to the windowpane, and tape in place

windowpane picture frame multiple pictures

final windowframe picture frame

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