Wire Basket Side Table

Wire Basket Side Table

This side table is a stylish and clever way to repurpose a wire laundry basket.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Wire laundry basket
18" round wood tabletop
Dark walnut stain
(24) decorative nail heads
Screwdriver or drill
(2) brackets
(4) bracket screws
Measuring tape
Permanent marker


1. Use the paintbrush to apply dark walnut stain to the 18" round wood tabletop. Wipe off excess stain with a rag. Let the stain dry completely before continuing to step 2

2. Use the measuring tape and permanent marker to mark every 4" along the perimeter of the tabletop

3. Use the hammer to insert a decorative nail head into each mark made in step 2. Continue this process around the tabletop

4. Flip the wire laundry basket upside down. Feed two brackets through the bottom of the basket, weaving them over and then under the wires. Make sure the brackets are evenly spaced for support

5. Lay the tabletop on a flat surface. Place the bottom of the wire basket on the tabletop

6. Screw the bracket screws into the wood to secure the basket to the tabletop. Repeat this process for the three remaining screw holes in the brackets

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