Wood Serving Table

Wood Serving Table

Learn how to create a wooden end table that attaches to a wall for outdoor entertaining!

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Difficulty: Easy

1” x 16” diameter wood disc pre-finished with polyurethane for protection
1” x 8” diameter wood disc
6” galvanized plumbing pipe
4” galvanized plumbing pipe
3/4” elbow bracket 90°
(2) 3/4” pipe flanges
Wood glue
(4) 1 1/2” wood screws
(4) 3” brick screws
Drill with Phillips head bit


  1. Place the 16” diameter wood disc face down on the work surface. Apply a line of wood glue onto the 8” and press it onto the 16” wood disc 1/2” from the edge. Set discs to one side (See images below)



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  1. Screw a 3/4” pipe flange into one end of the 4” plumbing pipe. Screw an elbow bracket to the other end of the 4” plumbing pipe. Screw a 6” plumbing pipe into the free end of the elbow bracket. Screw a second pipe flange onto the free end of the 6” pipe (See image below)

  1. Place the flange attached to the 6” pipe onto the center of the 8” wood disc. Position the assembled pipes so the flange on the 4” pipe is overhanging the edge of the wood discs. This is to give clearance once the wood table is attached to a wall. Secure the flange to the wood disc using a drill with a Phillips head bit and (4) 1 1/2” wood screws (See images below)

  1. Secure the wood disc table to the wall using a drill with a Phillips head bit and (4) 3” brick screws through the flange on the 4” pipe end (Use wood screws if your wall is wood) (See image below)

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