Wooden Hand Sconce

Wooden Hand Sconce

This project makes a wall sconce out of an artist’s wooden manikin hand.

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Difficulty: Medium

You’ll need: 3/8” x 12” long drill bit

Artists wooden manikin hand – adult size
12” Decorative wooden plaque
12” Decorative wooden candlestick
12’ Antique style cloth covered electrical cord
Brass light socket
Edison bulb - 60 watts
Epoxy glue
Drill with a Phillips head bit, ¼” bit and countersink bit
Spray paint – color and finish of your choice
(3) 12” Bar clamps
(3) 1” x 4” x 12” scrap woodPencil
Small handsaw
(3) 2” wood screws



1. In a well ventilated area, spray paint the wooden plaque the color of your choice. Allow to dry for 1 - 2 hours


2. Paint the candlestick the color of your choice and allow to dry for 1 to 2 hours before moving on to the next step

3. Using a drill with a 3/8” x 12” long drill bit, carefully drill a hole through the length of the candlestick. This will be where the electrical cord is passed through (See image below)

4. Apply a line of epoxy glue around the lip of the candlestick and press the socket shell into it (See image below)

5. Pass the electrical cord through the bottom of the candlestick and out of top. Take the ends of the cord and separate out 2” of the entwined wires. Using a wire stripper, remove ¾” of the plastic wire covering to expose the bare wires. Carefully bend the exposed wires to make little hooks. This will make it easier to attach the wires to the light socket in the next step

6. The exposed wires now need to be attached to the light socket. Loosen the screws on each side of the light socket with a Phillips head screwdriver and pass the wires through the spaces. The GOLD side of the light socket is POSITIVE and should connect with the BLACK wire that is also POSITIVE. The SILVER side is NEGATIVE and should be connected to the WHITE wire that is also NEGATIVE. Tighten the screws to secure the wires in place (See image below)

7. Once the wires are securely attached to the light socket, slide the light socket cap over the socket and screw it to the socket shell


8. Repeat Step 5 for preparing the wire to add a plug on the woodblock base end


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9. Slide the plug shell onto the wire. The exposed wires now need to be attached to the plug. Loosen the screws on each side of the plug with a Phillips head screwdriver. The GOLD side of the plug is POSITIVE and should connect with the BLACK wire that is also POSITIVE. The SILVER side is NEGATIVE and should be connected to the WHITE wire that is also NEGATIVE. If both sides are the same color, the wires are interchangeable and can be attached to either side (See image below)

10. Slide the plug shell over the plug and secure in place with the plug’s hardware. This is usually a single Phillips head screw


The wooden hand can either be left as-is or can have the wrist cut at an angle to give it a more articulated look. Below are the steps for cutting the wrist at an angle

11. The wooden hand is attached to the wrist with a metal spring and pin. Carefully use a flathead screwdriver to pry the pin out of the hand and remove the spring (See image below)

12. Once the hand is separated, place the wrist between two pieces of scrap wood and an additional piece of scrap wood over the top. Secure in place with three 12” bar clamps. Mark with a pencil a diagonal cut line that is about 1” at its furthest point from the base of the wrist. Carefully cut along the pencil line with a hand saw to create the angle (See image below)

13. To reattach the hand to the wrist, a pilot hole needs to be drilled into the wrist. Place the wrist on a flat surface. It will now lean at an angle where the base was cut. Using a drill with a ¼” bit, drill a pilot hole at a 45° angle about 1” from the top of the wrist on the top side. Once the hole is drilled, widen the entrance of the hole with a countersink bit. This will allow the screw to rest flush with the wrist once the hand is reattached (See images below)

14. Reposition the hand at an angle to your liking on the wrist. Using a drill with a Phillips head bit, carefully drill a 2” wood screw through the pilot hole and into the hand, securing the two pieces back together (See images below)

15. Center the wrist on the plaque with the hand in an upwards position. Using a drill with a Phillips head bit, secure the wrist to the plaque with two 2” wood screws through the back of the plaque and into the wrist


16. Place the candlestick in the artist’s hand and position the grip of the fingers to your liking. Remove the candlestick and place a line of epoxy glue across the palm of the hand. Place the candlestick back into the hand as you had it before and curl the fingers back around it. Allow the glue to dry for 4 – 6 hours (See images below)

Tip: Don’t glue the fingers onto the candlestick. If they are left loose, you can have fun repositioning them once the sconce is on the wall

17. Screw an Edison bulb into the socket

* Consult an electrician with any questions

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