Woven Lampshade

Woven Lampshade

This project makes a lampshade out of ribbon and construction mesh.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Repurposed lampshade – any size
Construction mesh with 1” holes
Spray paint – interior/exterior matte finish – color of your choice
(3) 7/8” Ribbed ribbon spools – light, medium, dark colors of your choice
Needle nose pliers
Glue gun with glue sticks
Craft knife
Small spool jewelry wire – 24 gauge
Marker pen



1. Construction mesh always comes in black but can be painted any color. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the construction mesh the color of your choice. Allow the paint to dry for 1-2 hours before moving on to the next step

2. Take the construction mesh and wrap it around the narrow end of the lampshade, adding a 1” overlap. Use a marker pen to mark on the mesh the overlap point (See image below)

3. Using scissors, cut off your measured piece of mesh using the mark from Step 1 as your reference for cutting. When you cut the mesh, you will get loose ends. Trim them off to make straight edges (See image below)

4. For a 15” tall lampshade, count 15 holes down the side of the mesh. Cut off the excess mesh with scissors making sure to remove any loose ends (See image below)

Tip: Your lampshade can be cut to any length you desire, however, remember to take into account where the light bulb will hang so you don’t make the shade too short.


5. Cut three strips of the darkest ribbon and three strips of the medium color ribbon to the length of your mesh with additional 5” excess. Cut nine strips of the lightest color ribbon, also with 5” excess. You will have fifteen ribbons, one for each inch of the mesh

6. Starting in one corner with the dark ribbon, pass it under the mesh and weave it along the mesh’s long edge, tucking it over and under the holes as you go. Start the next dark ribbon strip over the mesh next to the first strip so the mesh will begin to look like a brick pattern (See image below)


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7. Continue the pattern with the ribbons passing them through the mesh and alternating an over or under starting point. Add the last dark ribbon, then the three medium color ribbons, then the nine lightest ribbons (See image below)


8. Using a craft knife, carefully cut the lamp shade off of the frame and discard it (See images below)

9. Lay out the mesh and place the edge of the frame 1” below the long edge of the lightest color ribbon

10. Secure the mesh to the frame with jewelry wire pieces cut to 4” in length and twisted between the mesh and the frame. Needle nose pliers can help to twist the wire securely. Roll the frame along the mesh as you add more wire. Space the 4” wires every 2” until the mesh is secured around the whole frame. Trim off excess wire so its flush with the frame (See images below)

11. Once the mesh is attached to the frame, trim of any excess ribbon along the overlapping edge, leaving 1” excess (See image below)

12. Apply small daps of hot glue to each 1” tab and carefully press them onto the adjacent ribbons to secure the overlapping edge in place (See image below)

13. Repeat Steps 11 and 12 to remove and secure excess ribbons from the inside overlapping edge (See image below)

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