Zen and The Art of Bonsai Maintenance

Zen and The Art of Bonsai Maintenance

Design expert Kenneth Wingard shares his advice on achieving moments of Zen.

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My mother would be the first to dismiss at any sort of new-age practice, and by new age I mean centuries old, like meditation or a Zen practice. However, almost everyday, she’ll take her gardening gloves, her hat and a pair of clippers and head out to her garden for an hour or two.

There, she doesn’t talk to anyone or think about anything. She is one with her garden and with the world around her. If I told her she was having her own Zen moment in the garden, I’m sure she would laugh and say I’ve lived in California too long.


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Everyone knows the wonderful therapeutic qualities of gardening. There’s the benefits one gets from nurturing, from seeing plants grow and thrive, but there’s also the mindless calm that comes from spending an hour weeding or deadheading. It’s definitely a form of meditation – I don’t care what my mother says. 

This week on Home Made Simple I bring that form of garden meditation inside through the art of bonsai. So, if you don’t have an acre in Savannah to get lost in meditation on, I’ll show you how to do the same in a square foot of table space. Just bring your clippers and gloves... the hat is optional.

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