10 Women Reveal the Ways Their Men Make Them Feel Beautiful

10 Women Reveal the Ways Their Men Make Them Feel Beautiful

Women share all the wonderful ways their significant others boost their body confidence.

By: Maressa Brown

We all have days when we’re feeling less than stellar about our physical appearance. And on those days, there’s really no amount of makeup or perfectly fitting pair of jeans that’s going to do the trick. What doesn’t hurt, of course, is some TLC from your partner. Here, 10 women reveal what their guys do to boost their body confidence and make them feel more beautiful.

1. “My husband always takes time to compliment me, whether about how I did my hair, how much he likes something I am wearing, or other little things. I always used to wear tons of makeup, but his compliments about how beautiful I am without makeup have made me feel confident enough to now only wear it on special occasions!”

2. “What gets me every time is when my boyfriend will see me just hanging around the house and out of nowhere say, ‘Wow’ about how I look.”

3. “When I come home from a busy day at medical school, and he sees me in a lab coat or scrubs, he tells me he loves me, because it’s very much me doing me! He even liked my lab goggles back in undergrad!”

4. “He has asked me if I’m wearing makeup, and when I say ‘no,’ he says he likes me better that way. I will still wear makeup, because I like to -- for myself. But it’s sweet and makes me feel good to know he prefers me all natural.”

5. “He tells me I look great, even when I’m just wearing casual clothes.”

6. “When I’m looking in the car mirror, he says, ‘What are you doing? You don’t have to do that. You’re beautiful.’”


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7. “My boyfriend adores the body parts I've always been self-conscious of: my ears and big feet! He always tells me to put my hair in a ponytail and lovingly refers to my feet as ‘step-sister’ feet. I get a kick out of this. It's so much more creative than liking the rest of me!”

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8. “Whether I’m feeling insecure about weight gain, a breakout, or gray hair, my husband will remind me that we’re growing, living, constantly evolving human beings. Therefore, we can’t be expected to stay the same! Reminds me that he loves me at any size and age, and that it’s beautiful to be human!

9. “When I look over at him, and he's just smiling at me, then tells me I'm beautiful. I can see in his eyes he means it.”

10. “He grabs me and kisses me and hugs me every time he sees me. It makes me feel irresistible to him.”

What does your partner do to make you feel beautiful?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture -- preferably on a beach somewhere.

Image ©iStock.com/mediaphotos

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