11 Women Confess the Simple Tricks That Keep Them Healthy

11 Women Confess the Simple Tricks That Keep Them Healthy

Real women share the habits that help them keep their fitness routine and diet on track.

By: Maressa Brown

For most of us, trying to stick to a healthy eating plan and fitness routine is like a second job. It takes serious commitment! At the same time, employing easy tricks throughout the day can make it second nature to stay on track. Here are 11 simple, healthy habits real women say work for them.

1. “I always keep an apple in my purse. Never allowing myself to get really hungry means never making poor choices or impulse food purchases!”

2. “I have hot, sweet, decaf tea when I want to snack at night. It’s warm and comforting!”

3. “I pre-plan my meals for the week, so I never forget to defrost something and end up getting takeout. When possible, I pre-cook meals during the weekend and store in the fridge (like pre-stacking lasagna or other casseroles and preparing protein pancake batter to use in the mornings).”

4. “I substitute coconut flour or almond flour for wheat flour in every recipe, and substitute coconut palm sugar for cane sugar. It more than halves the carb count in your dishes and enables you to still eat your favorite foods while watching your weight!”

5. “I make a daily food group check-off list. Every time I eat something, it gets charted. At the end of the day, I see a visual account of what I've consumed.”

6. “I carry a 32-ounce reusable water bottle pretty much everywhere I go. It has a ring, so I can carry it with one finger and still have another hand free. It's super easy to stay hydrated that way. Plus, often times we confuse thirst for hunger, so I guess it helps to not overeat!”


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7. “Following fitness profiles on Instagram is a HUGE motivation that in itself keeps me on track!”

8. “I do a LOT of walking I don’t need to. Like walking to and from work, when I could take the subway or a bus.”

9. “I don’t keep soda pop in the house. If it’s not there, we can’t drink it!”

10. “I treat myself to regular massages for stress management and to prevent pain and injury caused by tight muscles.”

11. “I wear a fitness tracker. It’s amazing in the way it forces accountability.”

What healthy habits keep you on track?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture -- preferably on a beach somewhere.

Image ©iStock.com/NadyaSabeva

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