3 Inspiring Breast Cancer Stories

3 Inspiring Breast Cancer Stories

Read the true stories and advice of 3 women who dealt with breast cancer.

Each of these 3 breast cancer survivors has a story full of gratitude, perseverance and survival. Read their experiences below and let’s celebrate life together!

Francisca González’ Story - Mexico
I was diagnosed back in 2005 when I found a mass on my breast while I was at work. I went to the doctor, who confirmed the diagnosis, and I was referred to la Liga Contra el Cáncer.

Thanks to them I have a happy ending.

When I was diagnosed, I cried a lot and asked, “Why me?” But I knew my family needed me and that is why I fought to live. At la Liga we have a saying: when there is love, there is hope. Life is hope.

My advice to other Latinas:
• Love yourself and take care of your health
• Do breast self-exams
• Go to the doctor at least one a year to avoid any type of cancer
• Eat healthy and keep yourself active
• Be aware of your body, stay alert to any kind of changes

I try to be an inspiration by sharing my story as much as I can – especially with those women who are going through what I experienced. My objective is to inspire other women so that they don't lose hope, that sí se puede.


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Noemí De Raffaele’s Story – Argentina
My battle with breast cancer began in 1988 when I discovered a lump, which was diagnosed as positive. I’ve had two recurrences, the last one in 2013.

It is not a pleasant feeling going through chemotherapy. You have no energy. You’re nauseous and depressed. But you also have a reason to live. And that was my biggest reason – life itself – and the affection for my family, which is how I’ve learned to appreciate every second of your life.

My most important advice is self-examination. If you find something that is not normal, do not waste time. Go to your doctor. If the diagnosis is positive, the battle will be difficult but not impossible. Always stay positive.

Rita Marquez’ Story – Colombia
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, which I found during a self-examination. It was later confirmed by a biopsy. When I received the results I cried, but I wanted the strength to continue with dignity, without complaining. I always felt that I could win the battle against this disease.

What motivated me to continue living was thinking of my mother. I didn’t want her to have to mourn the loss of a daughter. I examined myself on a monthly basis and now I have a yearly mammogram, something I should’ve done before the original diagnosis.

My advice is to learn everything about your body. If you detect anything strange, get help by having mammograms. Don’t fear what the outcome will be. It’s better to get an early diagnosis in order to save your life.

To the women in this situation: have faith and courage. There will be people to hold your hand and to guide you, and that will help your family and the doctors so you can live life to the fullest.

How have you been affected by breast cancer? Do you have friends or family who have been diagnosed? Let us know in the comments below.

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God has certainly BLESSED these ladies with KIND HEARTS and STRENGTH! My prayers are with them!

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