3 Ways to Empower Yourself and Others

3 Ways to Empower Yourself and Others

Celebrate International Women’s day by empowering and being empowered in return.

By: Camille Simmons

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the drive and determination of women everywhere. We honor all the wonderful women who give their time and energy to improve their communities, nourish their families and make the world at large a better place. While this day acknowledges the accomplishments of women around the globe and throughout history, don’t forget your own! No matter the size of your accomplishments, there is plenty of reason to celebrate your own womanhood.

Recall Your Wins
Start jotting down any goals you’ve met, whether it’s cooking for your family every week, starting a garden, getting a new job, getting into shape — anything you’ve set out to do that you’ve achieved.

Take your time creating the list, as you’ll recall achievements sporadically throughout the days. You may even ask a spouse or close friend to help refresh your memory. List everything that comes to mind — no matter how small. Having a visual record of every accomplishment and allowing yourself the chance to see it all on paper will feel amazing.

Keep this list with you. During particularly tough times, bring this list up and use it as an uplifting reminder of your power to get things done. Don’t wait for someone else to recognize your personal achievements — find confidence in knowing you are already great whether you have recognition from someone else or not.

Empower Yourself
Now that you have this great list of achievements, use it as motivation to do more! If you can get through hours of spring cleaning, huge deadlines at work and still make your child’s school play, you’re capable of doing anything.

Start thinking about goals you’ve put on the side and dreams you’ve put on the back burner or were afraid to try. Want to travel to a new country? Go. Tired of having the same hairstyle? Change it (this is a great one, because hair always grows back!). Want to spend more time with your kids or spouse? Make the time. Vying for a promotion? Amp yourself up and ask for it.


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Recognizing and finding your ability from within is empowering; you really can do anything you put your mind to. There’s no need to wait for someone else’s approval — empower yourself.

Appreciate the Little Things
Find little moments and things that make you happy — like a favorite treat, a TV show you or even a night out with girlfriends. Browse through décor stores dreaming about your perfect home. Spend time catching up with an old friend, even if it’s over the phone or video chat. Play a game of hide and seek with your kids. Try out a new recipe.

This isn’t a rehearsal, this is life — so don’t forget to do little things that make you happy every once in while.

Make time to stop and smell the roses, because no one else is going to do it for you. Take a nice long bath, a walk, have an ice cream cone, read a great book or magazine — anything that brings a smile to your face. You don’t need to spend a ton of money; sometimes the simplest joys are the best.

Let International Women’s Day inspire you to take care of yourself and feel pride in being a woman. Doing so will create a little spark of inspiration, and you never know who will be inspired by you — sometimes it’s who you least expect.

Inspiration is the path to change, so celebrate women all over the world who were — or will be — inspired and empowered to pursue their own freedom and happiness.

Camille is a Bay Area-based planning and decorating expert. She is the creator of Planning Pretty, a lifestyle site dedicated to sharing easy, affordable and pretty ideas for everyday living.

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