6 Ways to Enjoy Me Time this Birthday

6 Ways to Enjoy Me Time this Birthday

No matter your interests, find the perfect “me moment” this birthday with our 6 ideas.

Find some time this birthday to escape into a “me moment”. Whether it’s making a special craft just for you, whipping up a delicious dessert or giving yourself a much-deserved spa treatment, it’s important to enjoy your special day in a way you want.

Enjoy this birthday by finding inspiration with our “me moment” ideas and free downloadable gifts to get you started.

1. For the Book Lover
Who doesn’t love a good book? Spend some “me time” curled up in a quiet spot, some tea and a good read this birthday.

Use our inspirational bookmarks to keep your place:

2. For the Chef
Take a break and enjoy one of your favorite guilty-pleasure snacks! Whether it’s decadent chocolate hazelnut spread or a batch of gooey chocolate chip cookies, you should indulge in a favorite.

Let the microwave do the work with easy, delicious 5-minute mug cakes:

3. For the Spa Enthusiast
No time to go to the spa this birthday? No worries! Spend some “me time” soaking in the tub with relaxing music, aromatic candles and cucumber slices over your eyes.

Complete the at-home spa experience with our homemade bath salt recipes:

4. For the Athlete
If exercising is how you relax, carve out a little “me time” to go for a jog, sneak in some yoga or even meditate.

Try a new yoga move to help get your blood flowing:


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5. For the Grill Master
Fire up the barbecue this birthday and cook up your favorite entrée — it’s your special day after all!

Don’t stop grilling just because dinner’s done! Use our recipe for delicious grilled banana s’mores:

6. For the Beauty Maven
Give yourself a brand-new look this birthday. Choose a new hairstyle, a new shade of eyeliner or go bold with a new hair color!

Celebrate your “me moment” with an easy at-home pedicure:

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Thank you for the gifts. very thoughtful,

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@Treva017 depends how much Epsom salt you use, if you use two cups, add 6-12 drops of oil and 4 drops of food coloring of your choice into a ziploc bag. Shake well and enjoy.

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LOL. I must be an ingrate as well, but these are the same gifts as last year.

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Wonderful! I've been looking for an easy way to make my own bath salts and this "recipe" is perfect. Does anyone know if the oils will add color or if there is a safe, non-staining way to add color to match the scent?

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